The Lucan Trilogy

Action, suspense, and coming of age, with a kickass heroine and a supernatural twist.
 Book 1: Lucan  – available on Amazon and kobo, and smashwords

Lucan ebook cover updated Feb 2018

“Fast-paced, engrossing and destined to capture imaginations… Lucan re-energizes the YA urban fantasy genre.”

Tamzin Walker wakes up on her nineteenth birthday feeling weird. She tries to shrug it off, her life isn’t exactly on track and she’s forgotten what’s normal, but things start to spiral out of control until she learns a family secret that changes everything.

She’s not totally human—she’s Lucan. She’s inherited an ancient gene, passed down through the women of her bloodline, giving her superhuman abilities. She’s fast, she’s strong, she’s hard to kill and she can read minds.

Once Tamzin gets used to the idea she’s thrilled. No longer on the outside, she’s part of a secret world, an elite club, and after meeting Nikolai and joining the Consillium, she all but abandons her old life.

But there are rules associated with having a secret identity, rules she struggles to follow, and things start going wrong. When a serial killer starts picking off victims right on Tamzin’s doorstep she feels compelled to use her Lucan abilities to help, but in doing so she risks exposure and has to face the wrath of the Consillium. Finally, she is forced to make a choice… one with deadly consequences.

If you liked The Mortal Instruments, the Shiver Trilogy, Vampire Academy, and Throne of Glass, you’ll love the Lucan Trilogy! Don’t miss out on this addictive new series. Start the Lucan Trilogy today.

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 Book II: Rogue – available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo !

Rogue YA urban fantasy

Three months ago, Tamzin Walker’s life changed forever. She found out she’s Lucan—she belongs to a secret, elite club of not-totally-human beings with enhanced abilities. And at first it was awesome, the solution to her problems, but there are rules associated with having a secret identity—rules she struggled to follow. Things started going wrong until she was forced to make a choice. One that had shocking consequences. Now, a month later, Tamzin’s still reeling, and she knows exactly who to blame—until she’s faced with a new threat that changes everything.

Book III: Ultimatum – out March 2018 – watch this space.