Squirrel & Swan

Squirrel & Swan is a series of contemporary fiction novellas about two PhD graduates who leave academia to open a detective agency. The Squirrel & Swan novellas explore the complexity, humour, and frustration of human relationships in a comedic-cozy-crime style. The first installment Precious Things follows the crime-fighting duo at the start of their journey as they strive to overcome ridicule, doubt, and the substantial hurdle of having no clients, in order to make their agency a success.
Paige and Sophie have just graduated with PhDs in psychology—so now what? Disillusioned with the academic environment and ready for a new challenge, Paige convinces Sophie they should open a detective agency. What they lack in training and contacts they make up for with tenacity, diligence and psychological expertise: Paige understands the mechanics of the mind while Sophie can read human behaviour like a book. And they make the perfect detective duo because no one notices Paige, but everyone notices Sophie. But, it’s harder than it looks on TV, and it seems as if they might have bitten off more than they can chew. Finally, they get an actual case—the Remuera Pet Napper—as well as the intriguing possibility of a missing student, Polly Dixon. This could be the break they need, but can they solve these cases in time to save S & S Investigations?
Join Page and Sophie on their crime-fighting adventures, today!
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